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Tom Zaccaro - Account Manager
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Technical Services
Put simply, our business is working with customers to offer energy savings solutions and showing
you how to take advantage of any available incentives to reduce your cost and improve your Return On Investment (ROI). Then we take this a step further and teach you how you can continue to save thousands of dollars by reducing your maintenance costs.

Our client list is a mix of end users, restaurants, property owners, schools, hospitals and other institutions and electrical contractors.

As the leading expert in our field we strive to stay on top of the latest technologies and the latest incentives whether they are available from the state or federal government of from utilities.

We work with clients to:

Lighting Retrofit Incentive Guidance

>Identify Potential Systems

>Energy Audits

>Layout & Design

>Offer Solutions

>Assist In Installation

>Preliminary Paperwork and Incentive Estimates

>New System Proposal


Reputation for excellence. With over 30 years experience in outstanding client relationships built on a history of innovation, reliability, and results.