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Tom Zaccaro - Account Manager
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My goal as your solutions driven Account Manager is to offer services tailored to your individual needs.
I understand that at the very core of your needs are three obvious requirements: Low Price, Product Availability and On Time Delivery. Born into Electrical Construction, as kid working in the field - I couldn't wait to run out of wire so that I could get out of the cold and into the Supply House where it was warm. In 1980 with nothing except a vacant building that my dad owned I took a gamble and opened an electrical supply house of my own. With the help of my neighbor, the scrap metal dealer, I erected shelves and racks, bought an old truck, mailed letters to electrical contractors and the rest is history.

You expect an understanding of the daily challenges that you're faced with each day. My proven 20+ year proactive track record overstates my respect for urgency. We get it.

Today -
I am certain that my presence on your team will prove to be beneficial to your organization. As such I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you to evaluate your needs and share my ideas and experience.

I'm on a mission to strive and maintain a customizable suite of services, a key element in developing customer trust and loyalty. In tough economic times there are alternative channels of opportunity. You just have to know where to look. You're too busy to sort through the overwhelming sea of options. My niche is that I create niches, and share them with you.

Here are just a few area's of specialization:

Commercial/Industrial Lighting
| Access to almost every major Lighting Manufacturer
| Computerized Lighting Layout & Analysis
| EPact Analysis and Reports
| Fluorescent & LED Retrofits
| LED Lamps & Fixtures
| Solar Powered LED Fixtures
| LEED & EnergyStar

Switchgear/Commercial & Industrial
| Substations
| Motor Control Centers
| Transformers/Dry Type & Oil Filled
| Generators
| UPS Systems
(Courtesey of NAED) Electrical Distribution is a $72 billion industry. We play an essential role in building a better life for communities everywhere. Electrical distributors buy thousands of products from hundreds of electrical manufacturers and then warehouse, sell, and deliver these products to their customers. Distributors are the essential link between companies who make electrical products and the contractors, electricians, designers, architects, specifiers, and service professionals who put the products into operation all over the world. Beyond warehousing and selling electrical products, distributors also provide critical value-added services like extensive product knowledge, technical assistance and trouble-shooting, on-time delivery, market knowledge, and extending credit to end-users. In addition, distributors provide manufacturers with local market presence through promotions and sales efforts, plus local market intelligence for new product development.

The markets for electrical products are huge residential and commercial electrical contractors, commercial and industrial companies, schools, hospitals, and power companies, as well as government and military installations. Electrical components are also purchased by manufacturing companies to use in all sorts of electrical products.

Products I Sell
The products I sell range from the simple to the complex. Here are just a few you might be familiar with…
Residential/Commercial/Industrial lighting and fan fixtures
Cable and wire, wire connectors and circuit breaker boxes
Manual and automatic sensing lighting switches and dimmers
Integrated switchboards and circuit breakers
Voice-data-video equipment
Security systems
Power transmission and distribution equipment
Power tools and hand tools
I'm much more than just a distribution channel. I'm a solutions provider, product expert, skilled and a technical professional that brings the latest technology to our communities.